AXIOO FILM PRESENTS “What Makes You Fall Into Love” [Nana+Octa Prewedding Film] from Axioo on Vimeo.

Have you ever seen a movie that illustrates the love story surrounding the atmosphere of the stage or theater? Let’s say Rachel Berry & Finn Hudson in TV series “GLEE” or Jamie & Landon in the film “A Walk to Remember”.

Stage or Theater theme is quite popular to be taken in the film as the main setting of how two lead characters meet and built the relationship. But, does it just happen in the drama? Well, not quite. Here is the pre-wedding film that is made based on true love story of Nana (the groom) and Octa (the bride). Bang Nana, as how everybody, including myself, calls him, firstly saw Octa in the “Abang None” theater rehearsal. During our first meeting, he mentioned that Octa was his love at the first sight. It wasn’t a surprise for me until he explained that, at the moment he saw her, he was already sure that she is the one he needs to be his lifetime partner. By the time he says that, there was only one word that came out from my mouth, which was “Wow” (you shouldn’t imagine my facial expression).

The opposite characters between them, in my eyes, are the things that make them into a perfect couple. Bang Nana is such of calm and firm gentleman, who has a strong leadership attitude. On the other hand, Octa is a cheerful and expressive kind of person, who demands the leader in her life. For me, as a writer, hearing and witnessing their story is such an inspiration, not only to make this film work, but also to my life as a person.

Oh ya, FYI, Octa’s final dialogue was made by her for Nana to celebrate their 1st anniversary. It’s like a letter from a woman to a man that shows how much she loves him. 19th October 2013 is not only the date of their wedding day, but also the birthday of the bride. Well, Bang Nana purposely makes this wedding as the birthday present to Octa.

So, without further ado, here is the prewedding film of Nana & Octa.

Tysna Saputra

Laos Tourism Video - Finally Found Love, Finally Found Laos from ideasQuest Inc. on Vimeo.

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Producer: Jolt Labs
Production & Post Production House: ideasQuest, Inc.
Director: Matt Queblatin
Writer: Ellen Estrada
Offline Editors: Pia Manacho / Matt Queblatin
Date: April 14, 2013

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mua mua (at KDC Him Lam)

coffee shop to home on a rainy evening with “very Viet” funky music ^^ from Quan Nguyen on Vimeo.

powered by a GoPro Hero 3: Black Edition
music: Tempura Soul by Fuka Vincente

mua dep. instagram quay dep. :D (at Cafe Một Thuở)

gan day lan nao minh ra duong mot minh cung mua to :)) (at Văn Cao Cafe)

mua to dien cuong tu luc minh di ngu lai (3h30) - 6h day ma troi van mua. chi kho cac ban phai di lam bang xe honda sang nay. duong Saigon chac ngap nhieu. haizz (at KDC Him Lam)